The Policies of the FPNCC

The FPNCC upholds its peace agreement entitled “Provincial and Federal Peace Agreement and National Parliament-level Cease-fire Agreement by and between Republic Government of the Union of Myanmar and All Ethnic Armed Forces”, which is a common policy paper to carry out the cease-fire process in a pragmatic way to move forward to the pacifying trend that stresses the granting of all ethnic peoples’ rights, regional autonomy, and inclusion in power-sharing, as well as establishing a genuine federal democratic union and building peace in Myanmar. The FPNCC does not accept the NCA initiated by the previous government of Myanmar because it is not all-inclusive and does not recognize the political rights of all ethnic nationalities. In addition, the NCA is just windows-dressing for a whole trend of negotiations and peace talks which have not yielded any good results and it will not lead to any meaningful political transformations in Myanmar.